Il ponte di Tuskalà-La grande corsa

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 140

Frequency: monthly

Il ponte di Tuskalà-La grande corsa

Release: 13/09/2001

Script and Artwork: EsseGesse

Colonel Crosby has a top secret mission to perform in the territory controlled by the English, and Mark is trying to find Mister Bluff and Gufo Triste, who have set out for that same area. A band of double-crossers who are working for the Crown capture Mark and the Colonel, but it’s absolutely vital to ensure that the precious small suitcase the latter always carries with him doesn’t fall into enemy hands… And how could one possibly imagine that danger could lurk in the very house of an honorable and respected friend like mister Robson? Naturally, the gentleman in question bears no responsibility in this affair, but it is certain that a mysterious – and luckily imprecise – killer tries no less than twice to mete out death to persons who have received hospitality under his roof. First, Felicity, one of mister Robson’s maids, and then Mark himself, ousted from his saddle during a race…