Corte marziale-Gli Immortali

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 139

Frequency: monthly

Corte marziale-Gli Immortali

Release: 14/08/2001

Script and Artwork: EsseGesse

Yet more intrigues for Commander Mark, and this time he even risks being court-martialled! The saddest thing is that on this occasion the enemy is wearing the patriots’ uniform. The Ontario Wolves’ condottiero is in a real quandary and it’s the work of none other than the American militias: oh horrors, the fastest blade in the whole of Ontario sees the threat of the gallows looming on the horizon! The second Mark adventure, “Gli immortali”, is suffused with nuances of “heroic fantasy”, with two fencing swordsmen who have been challenging each other to a duel since way back in the mists of time, and who hold on the tips of their sabers the outcome of the precarious balance between Good and Evil!