Il re dei ladri - Il Signore delle Battaglie

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 138

Frequency: monthly

Il re dei ladri - Il Signore delle Battaglie

Release: 18/06/2001

Script, Artwork and Cover: EsseGesse

Our Mark finds himself, in “Il re dei ladri”, having to contend with a likeable charlatan plus fiery daughter of the same, but also with a common bandit, who has the unpardonable cheek to demand that he be called Sir Guy. To complicate matters even further, there’s also a one-time actor who has preferred the lures of whisky to Shakespearian verse. But this is not all, as we are also witnesses to a merry party occasioned by a betrothal and a rather suspicious Indian attack, and we follow the tortuous path of a small sack of gold… In “Il Signore delle Battaglie”, on the other hand, there’s a return to the hated Red Coats and the themes of the War of Independence, where we meet a brilliant Prussian strategist who is not averse to shoring up his military gambits with the murky weapons of betrayal.