Il diario scomparso-Le belve del Profeta

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 136

Frequency: monthly

Il diario scomparso-Le belve del Profeta

Release: 18/04/2001

Script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover: EsseGesse

During the night of deception (and of disillusion) it may well happen that the reliable and efficient Cooper shows his true face: that of a traitor ! And it may well happen that the American general Hodges is forced to choose between his son’s life and loyalty to the cause of independence. Fortunately, Mark finds a way to unravel the intricate web thanks to an ingenious plan and the help of a well known rascal, a good for nothing acquaintance of Mister Bluff’s, who dates back to the time when the old beardy plowed the waves of the Caribbean Sea … Who is the Prophet ? And who is he fighting for ? He seems to hate the English as much as he loathes the patriots - for half-castes like himself and his people, everyone is an enemy. Yet in his own way, he too is fighting for liberty and does not hesitate to allow his pumas to tear to pieces anyone who crosses his path. But he has underestimated Mark and the warlike Miss Darcy, an agent at the service of His Majesty, who for this occasion has enlisted in the ranks of the Ontario Wolves! Presentation: How far can we go to defeat our enemies ? Young Ricky’s kidnappers and the blood-thirsty prophet will answer to Mark’s sword for their heinous crimes!