Guerriglia sul Mohawk -  L'alleato misterioso

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 132

Frequency: monthly

Guerriglia sul Mohawk - L'alleato misterioso

Release: 01/01/2001

Script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover: EsseGesse

Mister Kearny is a sincere patriot and a first class gentleman, but he should not have set such a bungled trap for Mark in order to persuade him to escort his load of guns. And that is not all ! The greatest danger for Mark does not come from Mister Kearny’s bright ideas, but from the aggressive, fascinating and resolute Diane, who is willing to do whatever it takes if only it enables her to marry the fierce commander. However, amid the tussles of love and skirmishes with the English, the load of arms does end up in the right hands… Professor Klugman, arriving from Europe with very secret projects destined for the American High Command, has vanished into thin air. The task of finding him falls to Mark, but not even Mark could do much if it weren’t for the unexpected help of an unknown ally; a giant with long blond hair and strong as a horse !