L'abisso di ghiaccio - I due colonnelli

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 130

Frequency: monthly

L'abisso di ghiaccio - I due colonnelli

Release: 01/11/2000

Script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover: EsseGesse

Conrad Darnell has chosen really bad company to set off to trace the peak of Aquila Morente, in whose bowels is hidden … what ? Something so precious as to have cost him his life and to have driven a diabolic woman into pretending, in front of commander Mark, to be the sister of the unfortunate young man … Colonel Gaylord of Fort Saint John, an American outpost, is said to be like a father to his soldiers. And yet, judging by the punishments he inflicts on them for the slightest mistake, you wouldn’t really say so. And furthermore, why does he put so much trust in a known rascal like Abner the scout ?