La taglia - Tradimento

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 129

Frequency: monthly

La taglia - Tradimento

Release: 01/10/2000

Script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover: EsseGesse

A hard life for commander Mark ! Assaults and betrayals are proliferating all around him, and the reason is soon clear: a certain Rankin has put a price on his head, and certainly there is no scarcity of gallant men who are willing to cash in on this ! But why does this fellow want Mark’s head ? There is only one way to find this out … And amid adventures and intrigues of every kind, Mark once more finds out that truth and deception go hand in hand and discovers how difficult it is to separate one from the other, especially when there is a fascinating woman like miss Lorena involved. Or rather two women, because Gufo Triste is also in serious danger of being struck by Cupid’s arrow, due to the beautiful eyes of the energetic Bedelia !