Il violinista fantasma - La vendicatrice

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 124

Frequency: monthly

Il violinista fantasma - La vendicatrice

Release: 01/05/2000

Subject, script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover design: EsseGesse

Although she has been struck on the head by a tile, Betty is certainly not the type of woman who can’t see straight. So, if she says there was a violinist in the inn where she was waiting for the end of the storm, that must be the truth. Yet, as far as Mark, Mister Bluff and Gufo Triste know after a searching high and low, there is no trace of that man; on the contrary, everybody says they’ve never seen him. Could it be a ghost generated by Betty’s troubled mind or is something strange happening in that inn? And why is the area suddenly swarming with Redcoats? She is strong-willed, armed and has a very good reason to kill. And yet, it was not Trudy who slew Carruthers, even though she had more than an intention to do it. Mark follows the tracks of the brave woman, convinced that she’s the killer, but it isn’t long before he finds out, once again, that rottenness lies concealed where you would least expect it.