Delitto al faro abbandonato - La ragazza rapita

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 121

Frequency: monthly

Delitto al faro abbandonato - La ragazza rapita

Release: 01/02/2000

Subject, script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover design: EsseGesse

When Lieutenant Landau dies at the hand of a pack of spies he had unmasked, his greedy father, from whom he had been separated by an abyss of incomprehension has only one option left: revenge, the same option that a mysterious and fascinating girl seems to be about to embark on ... Is it possible to have dealings with worse people than the Kaunizes? Mrs. O’Donnel and her daughter don’t think so, but with Mark’s help, as he gradually recovers his health in their home, they will learn that even under a bristly beard and a rough appearance, a loyal and reliable heart may beat...