La fortezza del mistero - La grande truffa

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 119

Frequency: monthly

La fortezza del mistero - La grande truffa

Release: 01/12/1999

Subject, script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover design: EsseGesse

Mark had really a good idea when he decided to kidnap Admiral Latham in order to transfer him into a sound American prison. But what is to be done when a honeyed dandy paid by the English kidnaps Betty for an exchange of prisoners? Big Kramer is an incorrigible crook and now that he has laid eyes on the gold from the taxes squeezed by the English, trouble is on its way! Mark wants that gold as well and, who knows if a few wigs and a touch of paint can’t make a mockery of the faithful servants of His Majesty? But another problem still remains to be solved: how to convince Big Kramer to drop the bone!