A prezzo della vita - La follia di Bukner

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 114

A prezzo della vita - La follia di Bukner

Release: 01/07/1999

Plot, script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover: EsseGesse

Injured in a skirmish, Commander Mark has ended up in nasty hands: the three lumberjacks who have rescued him see him mainly as a good load of sterling. So, boosted by the hopes of securing a ransom from the Ontario Wolves and by the offer of the prisoner to the English command, a dream of wealth swells in the rascally minds of the trio. But Flok and Gufo Trieste, bound together by an unusual alliance, set off on a joint mission to save Mark! Anticipations of warfare loom over the region. What lies behind the Ottawas’ fury? The answer is hidden between the walls of Fort Williams and feeds on the shadows that dominate the mind of Colonel Bukner...