Una trappola per Mark - I cavalieri di Re Artù

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 108

Frequency: monthly

Una trappola per Mark - I cavalieri di Re Artù

Release: 01/01/1999

Subject, script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover design: EsseGesse

"Tombs may open again...only to close up over the living!" It is with these words that Jeff Rutledge, the only survivor among three brothers, is planning his revenge. He has already captured Mister Bluff and Gufo Triste, but the most longed-for prey is called Mark, blamed for the death of Harry, the youngest among the three Rutledges. And it is precisely on the bandit’s tomb that the final duel will take place! The time of ancient heroes is gone forever. So, even though the weapons smugglers from the island of Anegada have decided to call themselves Tristram, Parsifal and Lancelot, it is hardly plausible to expect them to display honourable behaviour. One of them is guilty of betrayal, consigning to the English the weapons destined for the patriots...