La baia del tuono - Il corsaro

Series: Tutto Mark

N°: 2

Frequency: monthly

La baia del tuono - Il corsaro

Release: 01/03/1990

Subject, script and artwork: EsseGesse
Cover design: EsseGesse

He has been saved from water, like Moses, but the shipwrecked man fished up by Mark from the middle of the stormy waves of Lake Ontario is no saint: his sudden escape from the fort hides a very important secret. Where is the fleet that will attack the Ontario Wolves’ stronghold rigged out? And will Betty, who dashed off in pursuit of the surly individual, be able to get back to the fort safe and sound? A really sad day has dawned for Sir Roderick, the cruel governor of His Majesty whom the settlers have nicknamed "damned moustache": El Gancho, an old buccaneer armed with a powerful hook, intends to steal the "Gran Cacicco", an asset that the greedy governor jealously preserves by every possible means. But surprises never end: El Gancho and Mister Bluff have shared many undertakings in their past and the likeable pirate embraces the rebels’ cause. Now the Ontario Wolves can also count on a truly select military Navy!