Il grande torneo

Series: Zagor

N°: 547

Il grande torneo

Introduction: A sports event threatens to become a tragedy, when the Indians attack the town of Portville!

Release: 02/02/2011

Price: 3,50

Plot and script: Diego Paolucci
Artwork: Alessandro Chiarolla
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

A big boxing tournament in Portville is drawing a large number of fighters from the surrounding area and the nearby states. One of them is Fred Balance, a young, full-of-promise protégé of the retired champion, Rocky Thorpe, an old friend of Zagor and Cico’s. The meeting with their friend and the festive atmosphere in town will soon become a nerve-racking adventure for the Spirit with the Hatchet. Zagor will have to face the sudden hostility of the Natives from a nearby forest – considered a peaceful tribe until that moment – and he’ll need to try and defeat a gang of traffickers in arms that are dealing with the Indians. As if that wasn’t enough, somebody’s scheming for Balance to lose the ultimate fight, where he’s the odds-on favorite...