Zagor l'implacabile

Series: Zagor

N°: 260

Zagor l'implacabile

Release: 01/03/1987

Plot and script: Marcello Toninelli
Artwork: Michele Pepe
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

A shady merchant called Toad Snout, together with Shangar the Indian, sells a load of goods infected with smallpox to the Mandans. Zagor crosses half of America to help our friends Kee-Noah, Beau and Piotr Bezukoff, but it might be too late: by now death reigns in the Mandan village!

In this issue: The cover story begins on page 13. The story entitled “Il segreto della mappa” (by G. Pellizzari and F. Donatelli), which began in issue 258, ends on page 12.