Il nemico nell'ombra

Series: Zenith Gigante

N°: 26

Frequency: monthly

Il nemico nell'ombra

Release: 01/08/1967

Plot and script: Guido Nolitta
Artwork and Cover: Gallieno Ferri

The prototype of “Amelia”, the latest bomb created by the ingenious (and eccentric) scientist, Adolfo Verybad, has been stolen. Zagor hunts for the thief (a spy in the pay of a foreign power) but the real resolutive intervention will be Chico’s!

In this issue: The cover story ends on page 41. The story entitled “The Giant Rebel” (by C. Melloncelli and F. Bignotti) begins on the same page and ends on page 92, where the story entitled “The Message” (by G. Nolitta and G. Ferri) begins, which continues in the following two issues.

Friday 1 July 1988