Myrna: rabbia antica

Series: Julia

N°: 169

Frequency: monthly

Myrna: rabbia antica

Introduction: Julia... Myrna will love you forever, and she'll kill you soon!

Release: 02/10/2012

Price: 4,00

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi
Script: Giancarlo Berardi e Maurizio Mantero
Artwork: Steve Boraley
Cover: Cristiano Spadoni
After waking up from the vegetative state she was in, Myrna kills a doctor from the hospital she was interned in, and kidnaps a nurse: she spares her life, to have her bring a message to Julia. "I will always love you and I'll kill you!". The police immediately goes on a hunt for the fugitive, meanwhile beginning a protection operation for the criminologist from Garden City. But Myrna knows how to reach the object of her desire... and she will do that in the sleaziest way she can!