Uomini in fuga

Series: Tex

N°: 500

Frequency: monthly

Uomini in fuga

Release: 08/06/2002

Price: 3,50

Subject and Script-writer: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork: Giovanni Ticci
Cover Illustration: Claudio Villa

The Caves of the Ancient Spirits are sacred to the Navajos, but the gold stored within their depths represents much too strong a temptation for vulgar bandits such as the men who have taken Professor Ferguson and his daughter prisoner. So determined are these rogues to gain possession of that immense fortune that they have no hesitation at all in profanating the tomb of Lilyth, in order to drive Tex out of the reservation and thus be free to get on with their proceedings undisturbed. We hardly need add that the only thing they earn themselves is a robust dose of lead!

Tuesday 27 September 2005

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