Dylan Dog. Diary

Series: Libro Dylan Dog

Dylan Dog. Diary

Release: 09/11/2016

Type: Hardcover

Size: 17 x 25 cm, b/w & color

Pages: 192

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-148-3

Cover: Gigi Cavenago

A special volume to celebrate 30 years of life in publishing for our Nightmare Investigator: here, from the voices of the main players themselves, you'll discover how the most important of Dylan's albums were born! Thirty adventures, one for each year, each setting a milestone in the character's history. These stories became fond memories for several generations of readers, turning into real "classics" of modern comics. Written as a diary, just like the journal that Dylan Dog has been writing since the beginning, here you'll find the words of Tiziano Sclavi himself, as well as the writers and artists who created the stories in the book.

Also, the volume features an unpublished-before story of 24 pages – written by Marco Nucci, the volume's editor, with art by Montanari & Grassani – about Dylan Dog's journal, no less!